Faygle train 

Faygle is committed to making the world a better place. After nearly 10 years as a secondary school teacher in Canada and Israel, she joined the world of non-profit program and resource development to positively impact change for broader communities. Her work with women’s rights in rural Nepal and interfaith climate activism in Jerusalem inspired her to return to school for a graduate degree in Environmental Studies.

Today, she is seeking further opportunities to employ her communication skills, creative talent, and sustainability knowledge. Are you part of a team with similar goals looking for a new partner? If so, be in touch! 


My talents

Faygle is open to new professional opportunities where she can offer:

global communication

Faygle is adept at integrating into new communities and cultures. She has a willingness to learn new languages, deep respect for faith and gender identities, and an interest in local values and needs.

writing & research

Whether you need an experienced writer and editor, a creative Hebrew to English translator, or a researcher capable of deep dives, Faygle is ready for the challenge!

experiential education

If you are looking for a community art designer, a dialogue-through-theatre guide, a climate change curricula writer, or an interdisciplinary teacher, Faygle is here to help!

a career in justice

At the heart of Faygle’s previous career choices has always been social and environmental justice. Whether teaching youth from underserved Israeli and Palestinian populations, or working with women’s health and human rights in a water-scarcity region, or researching Holocaust and genocide education strategies, or guiding tours of sustainability challenges in Jerusalem, Faygle has always been passionate about making a difference to both people and planet.